Shell Chair

Dining Chair, design Niko Kralj, 1956

Dating back to 1956, the Shell Chair is recognised for its remarkable construction: two curved plywood panels come together and make it easy on the eyes and the body. With well-developed ergonomics, the chair is ideal for long, pleasant dinners or meetings that call for both style and comfort. This item forms the centrepiece of a versatile range of high and low Shell chairs and is suitable for all kinds of settings.
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    Black Oak
    Natural Oak

Niko Kralj

Niko Kralj`s designs inspired the Rex Kralj brand. His vision on design is our compass for developing new products.


After the Second World War, traditional production methods gave way to new inventions, leading to a contemporary era of furniture design. As a trained architect and an absolute pioneer in this field, Niko developed truly innovative pieces for the time and became one of the first ever industrial designers. With over two million chairs produced, Niko’s designs have given pleasure to numerous generations.