1960 Barstool

Barstool, design Bart Schilder, 2021

The 1960 Barstool offers a minimalistic yet well-defined design for high seating. The angular frame and pleasantly curved seat provide a surprising degree of comfort. Its stylish, timeless appearance can be complemented with luxurious seat upholstery.
  • black-oak
    Black Oak
    Natural Oak
  • High (75cm, bar height)
    High (75cm, bar height)
    Low (65cm, kitchen heigh)
    Low (65cm, kitchen heigh)

Bart Schilder

“I’ve always loved mid-century design. Niko Kralj’s sincere approach to design fits my personal values.”

Bart Schilder (1981) joined Dutch design company Moooi in 2004 and soon became responsible for the company’s product design. Working at the intersection of product design, commerce and marketing he draws from his experience to explore new areas of designs to enhance everyday lives. Bart supports the Rex Kralj team in art direction and corporate strategy.