Design that lasts

Our design principles are rooted in mid-century design, when the industrialisation of the furniture industry made it possible to use materials in smarter ways.

Resources could now be used to their full potential, applying new innovations like bending plywood, or machined cutting of steel.

Such new methods gave way to iconic designs with a timeless quality, such as the Rex, Shell and Mosquito Collection that remain the pillars of our present-day collection.

Exemplary for our products is that back in the 1950`s, people didn`t make a distinction between residential and professional use.

Furniture had to be strong, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing whilst at the same time produced economically.

We still work according to these principles, creating furniture that is designed to serve and built to last.

Sustainable production

We take pride in local manufacturing, based in Slovenia and Italy. We use high-grade materials whether it is steel, solid wood or plywood.

Product packaging is developed from recyclable materials and our coatings, glues, and paints are selected to have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Our production facilities live up to the highest possible standards of health and safety and we closely monitor our supply chain, so we know the origins of materials and are able to guarantee quality and sustainability.

Repair and recycle

We carefully choose finishes and treatments of materials that ensure a long time of intense use.

The serviceability of our products comes natural to us. Surfaces can be repainted or re-coated and we use fixings that allow components to be dismounted for repair or replacement.

When the time comes for one of our products to be replaced or discarded, they are easily dismantled, and the materials separated and recycled.

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