Pilotis Steel Table

Dining table, design Bart Schilder, 2022

The Pilotis Steel Table is based on the same concept as Pilotis Ply. The table’s legs consist of folded steel sheet metal, strong enough to support a metal frame. Fitted with an appealing powder-coated aluminum tabletop in the same colour as the frame. This concept of folding surfaces is borrowed from ancient ‘Ori’ knowledge and makes for a flat-packed table with a lightweight structure and an archetypical design. With two layers of coating and stainless-steel connections, the table can be used indoors but is durable for outdoor use too.
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    180 x 90 cm
    230 x 90 cm

Bart Schilder

“I’ve always loved mid-century design. Niko Kralj’s sincere approach to design fits my personal values.”

Bart Schilder (1981) joined Dutch design company Moooi in 2004 and soon became responsible for the company’s product design. Working at the intersection of product design, commerce and marketing he draws from his experience to explore new areas of designs to enhance everyday lives. Bart supports the Rex Kralj team in art direction and corporate strategy.