The Zelo family can be regarded as Tom Fereday honouring the work of Niko Kralj.

Inspired by the curved surface of Niko’s Shell chair, Zelo chairs are modern classics. Tom Fereday’s eye for detail and sophistication merge into geometric perfection – with not a line too many, the design is both minimal and elaborate at the same time.

Zelo Chair

Stackable Dining Chair, design Tom Fereday, 2020

The generous shell of the Zelo Chair, constructed using slim metal wires, offers comfort and a modernistic twist to contemporary scenery. With its perfect stackability and hardwearing cataphoresis, powder coated surface, this chair is the ideal companion for outdoor hospitality.


Zelo Barchair

Bar Chair, design Tom Fereday, 2020

Resting on a square, sturdy frame with a flat metal support, the slim wireframe shell-shaped seat is elegant and characteristic of the Zelo family of chairs. The Zelo Barchair’s graceful, sophisticated design adds a touch of class to any raised seating environment. The chair comes in two heights,  ideal for both bars and kitchen heights. The Zelo collection is suitable for outdoor use.

Lead time: 7 days


Zelo Armchair

Dining Chair, design Tom Fereday, 2020

Enhancing the generous curves of the Zelo design with an elegant frame, topped-off with oiled acacia armrests, the Zelo Armchair offers durable comfort in both private and public spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Its horizontal expression in slim metal wires shaped in gentle curves creates a timeless but subtle statement.
Lead time: 7 days


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