The SQ family range is contemporary, functional and clean-cut. The simple, airy design allows for adequate space underneath and offers the slender tables a serene, unassuming quality. The pieces come in different heights and complement any interior.

SQ Side Table

Side Table, design Studio Rex Kralj, 2018

With its metal frame of slim square tubing, this side table perfectly matches the Shell Lounge Chair. The elegant frame supports a small 45 cm diameter tabletop in wood veneer.


SQ Oval Coffee Table

Fit for living rooms the SQ Oval Coffee Table works great as a solitary piece. When more table space is needed it combines perfectly with the other members of the SQ collection of small tables.


SQ Desk

Design Studio Rex Kralj, 2020

SQ Desk is a small home office desk with an airy appearance. Composed with a black metal frame and fitted with a solid wood drawer for your stationaries, it`s as stylish as it is functional.


SQ Coffee Table High

Coffee Table, design Studio Rex Kralj, 2018

The SQ Coffee Table with its diameter of 65 cm and height of 39 cm is a compact table for casual use. The sleek metal structure and chamfered wood veneer top combine to create a highly contemporary piece.


SQ Coffee Table

Coffee Table, design Studio Rex Kralj 2018

The SQ Coffee Table Low with a diameter of 80 cm and height of 33 cm is the larger solution for low seating. With its wide wood veneer top resting on a subtle metal frame, the SQ Coffee Table Low is just right for much-loved convivial moments.