In his quest to define comfort and beauty, Niko Kralj designed a double curved seat. However, it proved too complicated to produce the piece in wood. By coming up with the ingenious idea of splitting the seat into two parts he created a delicate winged design. With its gentle curves, this solution is now regarded as the most original of its kind.

The Mosquito family celebrates the original early-1950s design and comprises two pieces: the Mosquito Chair, with its sophisticated slotted backrest in plywood, and the Mosquito Barstool, with its pure expression of the mosquito wing shape.

Mosquito Chair

Dining Chair, design Niko Kralj, 1953

Named after its wing-like seat, the Mosquito Chair is a genuine eyecatcher, an elegant piece with a touch of poetry.

This innovative design proved too demanding for 1950s manufacturing methods. But thanks to the recent efforts of Rex Kralj to bring this exemplary chair to life by using present-day machinery, design enthusiasts can now enjoy this fine example of innovative furniture.


The Mosquito chair comes in natural oak, natural walnut and several distinctive colours.


Mosquito Barstool

Bar Stool, design Bart Schilder, 2020


Bart Schilder drew his inspiration from the strong graphic appeal of the wing-like seat and angular legs of the Mosquito Chair to design a new barstool. With the same split seat design and clever construction, this stool is a unique piece for hospitality and home environments.


The Mosquito Barstool comes in two heights in natural walnut and oak, as well as several distinctive colours.

Its stainless steel footrest allows for intensive use.