Clean simple lines and functionality define Ena, a true example of design that serves.

Inspired by the authentic values of humanistic design, Mikal Harssen created a table range for Rex Kralj.

Ena, meaning ‘one’ in Slovene, is a central leg table in several sizes with a clever additional feature underneath its tabletop: a horizontal bar to suspend your personal belongings. Ena Table is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Size and tabletop customisation create the ideal table for every project.

Ena Table

Restaurant Table, design Mikal Harrsen, 2020

With its clever and subtle central leg, the Ena Table is both versatile and practical and can be used in various environments, including hospitality settings. With soft edges and well-finished connections which create a sophisticated look, Ena’s design maintains purity in forms, whilst the hook adds both a practical and unexpected detail.


Ena High Table

Bar Table, design Mikal Harrsen, 2020

The Ena High Table is perfect for casual seating. The elegant, minimal design and central leg offer freedom to move but enough stability to endure. The Ena leg concept with the additional horizontal bar allows you to suspend your belongings above the floor, keeping them close, clean and safe.


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