The construction of a table – the legs and their connection to the top – is in many ways related to architecture. But tabletops often hide the beauty to be found underneath. The Cross Connection (CC) family offers a unique view of this often unseen area by separating the legs from the elevated tabletop. Stand-alone pieces to admire and enjoy.

CC Table

Dining Table, design Studio Rex Kralj, 2017

The tabletop of the CC Table floats effortlessly above a sturdy solid wood frame. Inspired by a constructive element from the 1950s, the CC Table embodies a contemporary approach to the timeless compact round dining table. Produced in solid wood with an elegant chamfered veneer tabletop, its overall design exudes warmth that derives from its palpable mid-century appeal. The CC Table is available in oak and walnut with diameter of 120 cm and can be complemented with a matching stool.


CC Stool

Stool, design Niko Kralj, 1954

The CC Stool is similar in design and finish to the CC Table and is a perfect match. Ideal for occasional seating, this item is an elaborate take on a wooden stool. With a solid wood frame and a curved seat, the CC Stool possesses a unique character and also works as a stand-alone piece.


CC Club Table

ClubTable, design Studio Rex Kralj, 2017

The CC Club Table is a cheeky take on a side table. A great piece for situations that demand the use of a tabletop, but not necessarily for the usual purpose of working, eating or relaxing. ‘Club’ says it all: perfect for afternoon drinks, a hand of cards or as a centrepiece for intimate conversations.


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