The 1960 family range is built on the satisfying invention of bending wood into shapes which optimally suit the human body.

While maintaining the likeable tactile properties of natural wood, the design that underpins the 1960 range never goes out of style.

The cleverly designed curves of the original chair by Niko Kralj inspired us to work on a complete 1960 range to meet present-day demands for authentic design and uncomplicated warmth.

1960 Wood Chair

Dining Chair, design Niko Kralj, 1960

Designed at a time when the combination of solid wood and plywood led to an unbeatable type of chair, the 1960 Wood Chair embodies retro chic and is built to last. The chair is easy on the eye thanks to the soft-edged frame and both seat and backrest can be upholstered for additional comfort.


1960 Stacking Chair

Stackable dining chair, design Bart Schilder, 2022

This stackable version of the 1960 Chair offers the same comfort as the regular 1960 Chair, but has a stackable frame to offer additional functionality for multifunctional spaces. Flexible, comfortable and stylish.


1960 Chair

Dining Chair, design Studio Rex Kralj, 2018

Geometric lines meet smooth curves in the 1960 Chair. The fluent curves of the plywood are supported by a square frame, which creates a lightweight chair with a dynamic feel. The 1960 Chair allows for comfortable sitting on a well-shaped plywood seat.The seat and backrest are also available with offset upholstery, which creates additional comfort without diminishing the contours and subtleness of the original design.


1960 Barstool

Barstool, design Bart Schilder, 2021

The 1960 Barstool offers a minimalistic yet well-defined design for high seating. The angular frame and pleasantly curved seat provide a surprising degree of comfort. Its stylish, timeless appearance can be complemented with luxurious seat upholstery.


1960 Barchair

Bar Chair, design Bart Schilder, 2020

The 1960 Barchair is a new take on the angular design of the 1960 Chair. It comes in two heights and offers the ultimate in comfort for bars and kitchens. The sturdy metal frame allows for intensive use. The seat and backrest possess an aesthetically appealing curved shape, which makes the 1960 Barchair very likeable and highly adaptable.


1960 Armchair

Dining Chair, design Bart Schilder, 2020

The 1960 Armchair version of the metal frame chair complements the 1960 dining chair family. Designed to be used in busy settings, this comfortable chair has pleasant to touch wood armrests and a plywood seat and backrest. With its sturdy metal frame, the 1960 Armchair can easily cope with long days of intensive use. It is also available with offset upholstery for the seat and backrest.


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