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Dating back to 1955 - 4455 Chair


Comfort with a modernist twist


Rex Kralj is a contraction of Rex, Niko Kralj`s most famous design, and Kralj, his last name.

Rex Kralj was established in 2012. Our company pays tribute, in both name and style, to the architect Niko Kralj (1920-2013). Our idea for the company was sparked from the type of passion that grabs someone when encountering a truly stunning design for the first time. It was the iconic Rex chair, Niko`s most famous piece, that inspired us to establish our brand and honor the legacy of the design principles set by Kralj.

Since the establishment of the brand, we have expanded on Niko’s principle of authentic, humanistic design. Our products embody this tenet, something which we remain focused on when adding new pieces to our collection. We invite designers who match our DNA to work on fresh additions to our portfolio.


At Rex Kralj we work tirelessly to recraft Niko`s design classics. Furniture is meant to be not only beautiful but practical and durable as well.

We will never abandon our mid-century roots, but continuously improve our products. We expand on the clever innovations from the past, and adapt them to present-day requirements. We love working with genuine materials from both the past and the present. We have the ambition to inspire every architect in the world, with products that cater to people`s needs. Exemplary for our products is that back in the 1950s there was no distinction between personal and professional use. We still work according to this principle, creating furniture that’s designed to serve and built to last.

Niko Kralj

Niko Kralj`s designs inspired the Rex Kralj brand. His vision on design is our compass for developing new products.


After the Second World War, traditional production methods gave way to new inventions, leading to a contemporary era of furniture design. As a trained architect and an absolute pioneer in this field, Niko developed truly innovative pieces for the time and became one of the first ever industrial designers. With over two million chairs produced, Niko’s designs have given pleasure to numerous generations.



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