NZS Headquarters

Brdo pri Kranju

A variety of Rex Kralj products will be featured in the two new pavilions built for the Football Association of Slovenia (NZS) in the culturally protected landscape park at Brdo pri Kranju, near the renaissance castle Brdo. Taking the shape of a hippodrome, one of the new pavilions is a multi-purpose sports facility that includes changing rooms, fitness and wellness spaces, storage areas and other service areas. The other pavilion makes up the NSZ Headquarters with a striking round glass atrium that functions as the building’s entrance. Enveloped by greenery, both pavilions are designed as nature observatories of sorts, bringing their visitors closer to their surroundings.

Architects: Arhitektura Krušec

Investor: Slovene Football Association (NZS)

Photography: Miran Kambič

Products used in this project