We are looking forward to meeting you soon, remain in your company and enjoy life as we are used to.

Today, however, we all know this is only possible through our memories and imagination.

We are housebound. We wake up in the morning, find new routines and ways to deal with life the way

it is presented to us today. We all share the same struggles, but these circumstances open our eyes

to what really matters: our health, our loved ones, what we do that inspires and energises us.

What inspires us, is what we have been doing for the last 8 years: building Rex Kralj, our company.

We are driven by our firm belief that design matters. Therefore, we don’t give up and adapt to

new realities. We keep working on what we do best: creating design that lasts, design that

serves people.

Staying in our houses and finding ways to organise our day, we realise home is more important now

than ever before. A place in which to feel both comfortable and safe. Therefore, in the next few weeks

Rex Kralj will share limited offers for selected products that can make a difference and offer

them directly to consumers.

Rex Kralj remains fully operational in the meantime, strictly following the authorities’ health and safety

regulations. We work tirelessly on the developments, we’ve started to create a stronger brand and

collection for you, our network, to perform with.

We were aiming to share a lot of news with you during Salone del Mobile 2020 in April.

A new brand identity, new website, revised portfolio and the addition of new designs from designers we

have connected with, to continue our story. Today, although we don’t have the opportunity to share

them with you in person, we are working on alternative solutions to involve you more than ever.

Rex Kralj is a dynamic company. We are passionate and eager and face whatever challenges

we encounter today and tomorrow. We are confident in our investments to make Rex Kralj’s offer

better and look forward to continuing our journey together either in person or from a distance.

All the best to you and yours,

Team Rex Kralj

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